Pilla Outlaw X6 Lenses (Choose Color from Dropdown Box)

Pilla Outlaw X6 Lenses (Choose Color from Dropdown Box)

Pilla Outlaw X6 Lenses (Choose Color from Dropdown Box)

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Craftsman Sports is part of a family business that has been operating since 2003. We are a niche business specialising in Premium Brand Sporting Products and Accessories. As fellow Clay Target Enthusiasts we know what it takes to perform at your best, that is why we take pride in what we sell, high quality products backed up with our guarantee and excellent customer service.

We are Importers, Wholesalers & Retailers of Premier Sporting Products including Pilla Glasses, Ranger Glasses, Negrini Protective Cases, MacWet Sporting Gloves, Imalent Torches and Headlamps. When you combine our passion for quality products and our personal experience of target sports, the result is Craftsman Sports. Thanks from the Craftsman Sports Team. These Lenses are for use with the Pilla Outlaw X6 Frame.

10ED - The 10ED is a must have for bright-light conditions. This lens science uses the Enhanced Definition profile to produce rich color reproduction.

This lens is designed to relax the eye in bright-light conditions. This lens has rich natural color enhancement while cutting glare with Super Flash - a new high performance coating on the exterior of the mask for glare reduction in full Sun. The curve is very balanced and sits squarely between the 10ED and the 26ED. This is a high sun lens with accelerated performance features. 16% Transmittance - Chromashift Red High ContrastA solid filter for those looking for increased color boost in full sun.

This lens uses the 18RHC as a base filter while accelerating the color values for target shooting. This lens uses our Chromashift pigments to enhance definition with a new coating. The transmission of the lens is darker than the current 18RHC which provides better efficiency in bright sun applications.

18RHC - This lens technology uses a modified 50RHC curve to balance an orange spike and suppression of green in bright grey and white-light conditions. The lens incorporates Pilla ZEISS ChromaShift and background-neutralizer technology which works extremely well on orange and pink targets. The lens has an elevated spike in target orange and pink.

Our N technology is designed to kill the green and spike the eyes recognition of the target while maintaining perfect depth of field. Enhanced Definition lenses produce perfect color balance while enhancing the entire color spectrum for vibrant target resolution.

The 26ED is a high light lens with true representation of the target color values. A very vivid bright light lens. This is the first true Red based lens Pilla has brought to the market with the ZEISS platform. If you are looking for a vibrant color enhancing technology that will make targets vibrate with clarity or sight in on driven Pheasant, the Raspberry lens is one for your kit.

This is a full sun lens with vivid color enhancing capability. Perfect for shooing into blue skies and open fields. The latest MAX ORANGE technology using Pilla ZEISS ChromaShift. A 600% boost in target orange. The lens boosts while enhancing contrast with our new Bronze Filter. This new lens uses the 44N as a base while enhancing the filter efficiency of the colour enhancing profile. This new spectral curve is delivered using Chromashift pigment technology to boost pink and orange while killing the green background in medium light. 44N - Medium lighting background neutraliser.

The 44N literally separates the target from a green background but maintains depth of field while enhancing the target colour. 44ED - Medium lighting condition Enhanced Definition for vibrant lift of the entire colour spectrum. A true representation of the visual colour spectrum but accelerated to provide extreme definition. A vivid perfect all around lens technology.

The new 48RCH builds on the 50RHC filter with a new Violet Chromashift coating and color enhancing pigment that delivers a more robust technology. This lens is a medium lighting lens where Yellow light dominates the sight picture. 52CHC - This is a red based lens harnessing Chromashift that elevates more contrast across the color spectrum.

This new introduction has Chromashift elevating more color with rich definition in the sight picture. The 55PWC uses both our Max Orange Technology and Chromashift. The Peach color curve accelerates both Pink and Orange targets and even lime green.

The lens pushes elements of the visual spectrum to produce rich color saturation for maximum detail while shifting the registration of the target colour. This is a must have for the clay-target shooter. A Persimmon lens for medium to diminishing light conditions with high contrast technology. This lens increases the saturation of color illumination while crunching the edges of the target. An extremely bright lens that wakes up the eye. His is a vibrant medium gray light introduction for Pilla. To date all our gray light lenses have been high transmittance lenses allowing more light through the lens. This new lens uses our Chromashift pigments with a Copper coating to enhance the sight picture of both clay targets and live game in the field. The shooters actual visual awareness is elevated with this new color lifting lens. A background neutralizer to kill the green background and pop the target in diminishing lighting condition and low light. This special lens uses the same filtration technical curve as the 22N and the 44N but allows a higher level of transmittance. A modified curve to allow a high level of light while still providing the shooter with enough PILLA ZEISS filtration technology to enhance the target colour. This new lens formulation blends the 66N and the 69MWN using the Chromashift coating found on our 18CED and 52CHC. This new filter profile has orange enhancement while using our green background neutralizer.

The 67CWN is a great lens for those that would like a more subtle colour boost while kicking back the background in medium to lower light. This new solid filter uses the 76HC as a base while boosting colour in low light. The lens is brighter in low light and benefits from the Chromashift pigment technology and has a new front side coating to reduce glare. This is a must have low light lens. A high transmittance lens that is perfect for extreme low light.

The lens provides very sharp registration of the visual sight picture. The filtration curve of the lens helps reduce haze in low light. The high performance anti-reflective quality gives the shooter a high performance tool to create sharp images. United Kingdom will take slightly longer.

If for any reason the item is not as described or if there is any problems with the item, please just let us know! Pilla has a fantastic reputation for quality and service, as do we. The item "Pilla Outlaw X6 Lenses (Choose Color from Dropdown Box)" is in sale since Thursday, April 25, 2019. This item is in the category "Sporting Goods\Hunting\Range & Shooting Accessories\Shooting & Safety Glasses".

The seller is "craftsmansports" and is located in Christchurch. This item can be shipped to North, South, or Latin America, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia.

Pilla Outlaw X6 Lenses (Choose Color from Dropdown Box)